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St.Crispin Coffee Shop has closed.

Just before Christmas it was announced that the coffee shop on the St Crispin’s development, Daisy Mae’s, was to close. This was a surprise to everyone as they were very popular with residents and visitors to the development. They had … Continue reading

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Lamenting the demise of The Great Good Place

I have been blogging my way through The Great Good Place as I read it. Having finished it, I can say that Oldenburg has given a detailed overview of the third place, the reasons for the decline of such places … Continue reading

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A world of non-places and shoeboxed people.

Where once there were places, we now find nonplaces. In real places, the human being is a person. He or she is an individual, unique and possessing a character. In nonplaces, individuality disappears, In nonplaces, character is irrelevant and one … Continue reading

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The decline of Main Street USA and the decline of community

This quote, which comes in a chapter describing the Main Street in a typical US small town in the 1930s (in this case, River Park, Minnesota), sums up the uniqueness of a third place and the benefits it has to … Continue reading

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We need more German beer gardens in the world.

I’ve been reading Ray Oldenburg’s book about third places – those places that are neither home nor work but which allow individuals in a community to come alongside each other, relax and let off steam. He contends that these are … Continue reading

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What makes a good third place?

Churches should want to become a central part of the community by providing third spaces for people to go to. Ray Oldenburg, who wrote The Great Good Place, characterizes  the third space as those places in a community that are … Continue reading

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Commuting and suburbs negatively affects civic engagement

Is increased movement and suburbanization to blame for the falling rates of civic engagement, including church-going? In the USA, Robert Putnam suggests that the amount people move cannot be held responsible because ‘mobility has not increased at all over the … Continue reading

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