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St.Crispin Coffee Shop has closed.

Just before Christmas it was announced that the coffee shop on the St Crispin’s development, Daisy Mae’s, was to close. This was a surprise to everyone as they were very popular with residents and visitors to the development. They had … Continue reading

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Update on the community centre

As you may have guessed, having a usable community space is integral to the sort of work we can do in St Crispin’s. At the moment, many of the groups were are running are meeting in our front room, which … Continue reading

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What makes a good third place?

Churches should want to become a central part of the community by providing third spaces for people to go to. Ray Oldenburg, who wrote The Great Good Place, characterizes  the third space as those places in a community that are … Continue reading

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A new community centre for Upton

The Elgar Centre has now been opened at the Upton development, which is the next development along from the one where I live. The centre was designed and built exclusively by the developers and was finished before Christmas. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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What things need to go into a community centre?

I’ve just seen some initial plans for a community centre on this development. The plans are simply a draft that invites people to comment and radically change them. What are the essentials that need to go into the design of … Continue reading

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