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This is how to establish a church on a new-build

Cambourne is a 10-year old new-build town about 6 miles outside Cambridge, built on green field site. Yesterday I visited the vicar of Cambourne Church, who moved in when the development was at only 200 houses. There are now about … Continue reading

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Our next step – a mums group.

Some time ago, due to the number of families on the estate and the make-up of our core team, we discerned that a primary area for us would be to work with parents and young children and offer such services … Continue reading

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What makes a good third place?

Churches should want to become a central part of the community by providing third spaces for people to go to. Ray Oldenburg, who wrote The Great Good Place, characterizes  the third space as those places in a community that are … Continue reading

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Christ among the Dragons: Engaging with culture

In today’s culture where Christ is seen as irrelevant and so much of the population do not go to church and have never been to church, it is more important that ever to examine the what the local church is … Continue reading

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