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Challenge number one.

So we’re here and all of our possessions have arrived, we’re slowly making our way through boxes putting things in their new places.  We’ve met a couple of our neighbours who live across the road. They came to introduce themselves … Continue reading

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What’s the big idea?

Step number two of Ian Adams’ ways into small missional communities is ‘what’s the big idea?‘ He advocates being able to articulate the big idea within a 30 second elevator ride – if you bumped into someone you knew in … Continue reading

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Identity and Story

There is a theory that we each try to place ourselves into a story. Many things we buy and every identity marker we use is about creating a narrative that we are happy to place ourselves into. This narrative comes … Continue reading

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The Suburban Christian

Al Hsu‘s book The Suburban Christian is an interesting and thought-provoking read. Written primarily for the American Christian market, he aims to make sense of the design, challenges and opportunities for mission that can be found in suburban America (and … Continue reading

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