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Hospital site next phase coming soon

A new sign has gone up outside the derelict former hospital. At the beginning of the year a new developer, WN Developments started building an apartment block in the grounds with a view to renovating the hospital buildings afterwards. They … Continue reading

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Douglas Coupland on art and potential to cause social change

This is from a short author interview at the back of Douglas Coupland’s 2009 book, Generation A, which I have reviewed elsewhere. It stuck in my mind because of the things I was hearing at the Breakout Pioneer Conference last … Continue reading

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Should we all become new monastics?

At the Breakout Pioneer Conference,  Ian Adams gave a session on new monasticism, or new missional communities. Ian is a Church of England Priest, one of the founders of the mayBe community in Oxford and he currently is setting up … Continue reading

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Jonny Baker on imagination and pioneering

A slightly random selection of stuff I picked out of Jonny Baker’s talks at the Breakout Pioneer Conference. Session One Pioneer ministry is about being prophetic. What did the prophets do? They were birthed in the reality of their own … Continue reading

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A growing development.

When I moved onto the development over a year ago, there was no current building work going on new housing. Due to recession the various companies finished what was in progress and then took a break. This mean that the huge … Continue reading

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Networking with Pioneers

On Monday I spent a very enjoyable day meeting other pioneers on new-build developments from the St. Alban’s diocese. Because both Peterborough and St. Alban’s diocese received money for pioneer posts from the Church Commissioners, we have a reciprocal arrangement … Continue reading

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Another pioneer in Peterborough diocese… already making waves.

In March, another pioneer minister was appointed in the Peterborough diocese to work on the large and growing development at Oakley Vale in Corby. This development is much bigger and more established than the one I am working on, so … Continue reading

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