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Checking out our new hometown

I’m on a little trip to check out the town I’ll be living and working on the outskirts of Northampton but today we went into the town centre. First impressions – not bad. There’s a lovely ancient church in the … Continue reading

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More about abundance

Thinking more about the issue of abundance in our suburban consumerist culture (after reading chapters from The Suburban Christian). Supermarkets and other stores give a distorted view of how easy it is to gain things. The shelves are always full, … Continue reading

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The presence of God in the land of abundance

How do we find God in Surburbia. The problem is not with suburbia itself. The problem, according to Al Hsu in The Suburban Christian is that in a western society we can, mostly, buy what we want. When we run … Continue reading

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Suburban Community

I’m shortly going to move to a new-build suburb on the edge of a well-connected town in England. My job as a pioneer minister is to forming a cohesive community on the new-build estates and to help establish fresh expressions … Continue reading

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