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Round-up of Network Churches in the UK

I’ve been contemplating network church as a structure for a possible new church here so I thought I’d do some very basic research about other  Network Churches around the country. What are their structures, aims and core groups and activities. … Continue reading

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Bill Hybels on Vision

There’s a great chapter on vision casting in Bill Hybels’ book Courageous Leadership. Here’s his definition of vision: I’ve heard dozens of definitions and so have you. But my best shot at a crisp definition is this: Vision is a … Continue reading

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Mustard Seed verses McWorld

If I had to sum up Tom Sine’s book, Mustard Seed verses McWorld in three words, I’d say it was about community, transformation and celebration. He spends several chapters outlining the problem that McWorld – global capitalism – is bringing. … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the gym

Its been have had another decent week with some encouragements and things to think about (not least the resurrection of the Chilean miners, but that’s another topic). I’ve had good meetings with others in fresh expression work. One with a … Continue reading

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Articulating a Holistic Transformation.

Last week I attended two days of teaching put on by different groups, the Community Mission Conference(Livability and Tearfund) and the first session of the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire Mission Shaped Ministry course (Fresh Expressions). Over the two days one thing … Continue reading

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