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Don’t forget to share the gospel

The book I’m currently reading, James Emery White’s Christ Among the Dragons, is all about the Christian engaging with culture. One chapter highlights the importance of actually getting to the nitty-gritty and inviting people to follow Jesus. Many churches, he … Continue reading

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What is the plan?

If you are thinking about your vision for mission in your church or area, you’d do well to read this from my mate Dave in London. Have a vision? Seek God, discern it, and write it down. Refer to it … Continue reading

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Two ideas to bless the community

I just had a chat with another local minister who is working in an urban priority area of social housing in a nearby part of town. In a previous conversation he had mentioned that running programmes the middle class way … Continue reading

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Unexpected acquantainces

Despite waking up feeling not quite awake, yesterday turned out to be a good day. Just before lunch I was having coffee with a new resident of our estate and member of Brixworth Christian Fellowship just catching up with what … Continue reading

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Another third space on its way

This will go alongside the chippy (average) and the Chinese (very delicious), and will give us a venue closer to home to hold our men’s curry nights! The sign just went up in the last couple of days, and the … Continue reading

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One step back and two steps forward

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for all sorts of reasons and in terms of the ministry we’ve had some setbacks and encouragements. two weeks ago, one of the members of our  already-small core team decided to pull out … Continue reading

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