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Commuting and suburbs negatively affects civic engagement

Is increased movement and suburbanization to blame for the falling rates of civic engagement, including church-going? In the USA, Robert Putnam suggests that the amount people move cannot be held responsible because ‘mobility has not increased at all over the … Continue reading

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First, listen…

Continuing through the book Pioneer Ministry and Fresh Expressions of Church by Angela Shier-Jones, she moves onto think about preparing for a pioneering role or fresh expression. Many churches and ministries can be incredibly creative and hugely successful in drawing … Continue reading

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The Suburban Christian

Al Hsu‘s book The Suburban Christian is an interesting and thought-provoking read. Written primarily for the American Christian market, he aims to make sense of the design, challenges and opportunities for mission that can be found in suburban America (and … Continue reading

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The presence of God in the land of abundance

How do we find God in Surburbia. The problem is not with suburbia itself. The problem, according to Al Hsu in The Suburban Christian is that in a western society we can, mostly, buy what we want. When we run … Continue reading

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Suburban Community

I’m shortly going to move to a new-build suburb on the edge of a well-connected town in England. My job as a pioneer minister is to forming a cohesive community on the new-build estates and to help establish fresh expressions … Continue reading

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