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Needs and Challenges of Acts 17 – Core Team meeting 3

Paul’s trip to Athens in Acts 17:16-34 is often used as one of the core texts of the fresh expressions movement. This week our core team looked at the passage and applied it to the situation on our development. Even … Continue reading

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Bowling Alone – the revival of community and its challenge to religion.

Putnam’s book is a detailed and systematic study of the rise and fall of social capital and civic engagement throughout the 20th century, and the possibly reasons and factors behind this fall. His basic premise is this: since the 1960’s … Continue reading

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A new community centre for Upton

The Elgar Centre has now been opened at the Upton development, which is the next development along from the one where I live. The centre was designed and built exclusively by the developers and was finished before Christmas. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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Quote Competition

Today, I came across two quotes which speak about the decline in community-mindedness and the challenges it creates. To all of my 4 readers, your challenge is to guess who said them and when: Quote 1: In great cities men … Continue reading

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A rather poor photo showing some work about to start…

The diggers are preparing the ground for 80 houses going in on the edge of the estate. The new developments were given planning consent but have been referred to the Secretary of State for a ruling over a proposed access … Continue reading

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Commuting and suburbs negatively affects civic engagement

Is increased movement and suburbanization to blame for the falling rates of civic engagement, including church-going? In the USA, Robert Putnam suggests that the amount people move cannot be held responsible because ‘mobility has not increased at all over the … Continue reading

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Are parents predisposed to think about God?

In Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam describes the general decline in civic involvement in the US during the 20th century. Since the early 1970s, across the board, less people are members of clubs and societies, church groups, political organisations than before. … Continue reading

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