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A world of non-places and shoeboxed people.

Where once there were places, we now find nonplaces. In real places, the human being is a person. He or she is an individual, unique and possessing a character. In nonplaces, individuality disappears, In nonplaces, character is irrelevant and one … Continue reading

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When Plan A might not work. A diversion of course.

I spent much of last week pondering as it suddenly dawned on me that plan A might not work. When I arrived the hope was that there was going to me a community centre sometime in 2011. As we got … Continue reading

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New Business Cards!!!

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Development on the Princess Marina Hospital site.

Signs have gone up from Charles Church developments and Persimmon homes (who are both the same company) saying they have acquired an area of land for development which is directly adjacent to the St Crispin’s development (Click for location map and … Continue reading

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Are there reasons not to plant a church?

TallSkinnyKiwi has posted 9 reasons not to plant a church at his blog. He mentions that there has been a shift away from planting churches in a traditional way towards: launching more sustainable, more holistic, more measurably transformational Kingdom solutions. … Continue reading

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Christmas at St. Crispin’s

We had a great Christmas here on the development. The Saturday before Christmas, the we worked alongside the Residents Association and put on an outdoor carol sing-a-long, with the help of a local Salvation Army band. Despite the cold and … Continue reading

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