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Having children means losing friends? A discussion of network (part 1).

It has long been argued that human interactions are going along the route of networked communities. That is, we each exist in a network of relationships that are not geographically confined. Ray Oldenburg says that with the network, each of … Continue reading

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Bowling Alone – the revival of community and its challenge to religion.

Putnam’s book is a detailed and systematic study of the rise and fall of social capital and civic engagement throughout the 20th century, and the possibly reasons and factors behind this fall. His basic premise is this: since the 1960’s … Continue reading

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Different Types of community involvement

I’m reading Robert D. Putnam’s book Bowling Alone, which seems to be the most detailed study of community involvement in the US in the 20th Century. He charts many areas of civic life where engagement is on the wane. I … Continue reading

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Ideas for interactive worship

One of the other seminars at Greenbelt 2010 that I went to was about making worship more interactive for the participants. Too often the congregation is simply invited to consume what the service leader has arranged for the week, and … Continue reading

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