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The Church’s priestly charge

Picking up some thoughts on priesthood (from Sunday’s lectionary’s Hebrews passage), Graham Tomlin speaks about the priestly charge of the church, and of all Christian people: “Christ’s priestly blessing is enacted through the church….. Unlike most human communities, the church’s … Continue reading

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Searching for intimacy in the @ generation #iasym13

I’m at the IASYM conference in Cambridge – the international association of studies of youth ministry, mostly doing childcare as my wife is involved in the organisation. There are a number of papers applicable to the young adult section as … Continue reading

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Walter Brueggemann on the resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus is not stupid understood good liberal fashion as a spiritual development in the church. Nor should it be too quickly handled as an oddity in the history of God or as an isolated act of God’s … Continue reading

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What can we imagine?

We need to ask not whether it is realistic, or practical, or viable, but whether it is imaginable? I’ve just got round to reading Walter Brueggemann’s book, The Prophetic Imagination after it was recommended by Jonny Baker at the Breakout … Continue reading

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What should church be like? Mystery and clarity.

In our ‘market research evening’ last week one of the participants answered the question “What should happen in church?” with this: Church should give a sense of ‘being wowed’ to those who come. There should be some mystery, colour and … Continue reading

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Being on the Road

I recommend walking. If you can, wherever you live or work, start to walk. And be open to the possibility of encounter… on the road we meet whatever and whomever comes our way. Ian Adams writing on a contemporary practice … Continue reading

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Community and Disunity – Core Team meeting 4

For our fourth meeting of our core team we decided to look at one aspect of group work, team work, and beginning new communities from scratch. In the 1960s, business theorist Bruce Tuckman developed a four stage model of how … Continue reading

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