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Lamenting the demise of The Great Good Place

I have been blogging my way through The Great Good Place as I read it. Having finished it, I can say that Oldenburg has given a detailed overview of the third place, the reasons for the decline of such places … Continue reading

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All grown up and nowhere to go? A discussion of network (part 2).

Last night I was at a community consultation for the development of our community centre and associated park and leisure facilities on the development. It was just the initial meeting, marking the point where the council are finally getting serious … Continue reading

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A world of non-places and shoeboxed people.

Where once there were places, we now find nonplaces. In real places, the human being is a person. He or she is an individual, unique and possessing a character. In nonplaces, individuality disappears, In nonplaces, character is irrelevant and one … Continue reading

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The decline of Main Street USA and the decline of community

This quote, which comes in a chapter describing the Main Street in a typical US small town in the 1930s (in this case, River Park, Minnesota), sums up the uniqueness of a third place and the benefits it has to … Continue reading

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We need more German beer gardens in the world.

I’ve been reading Ray Oldenburg’s book about third places – those places that are neither home nor work but which allow individuals in a community to come alongside each other, relax and let off steam. He contends that these are … Continue reading

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Church and community

1) Community social life is necessary for healthy religious life, and 2) if the church is going to succeed it must recognise the social needs of the community and assume its share of the leadership in social activities. A quote … Continue reading

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What makes a good third place?

Churches should want to become a central part of the community by providing third spaces for people to go to. Ray Oldenburg, who wrote The Great Good Place, characterizes  the third space as those places in a community that are … Continue reading

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