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Having children means losing friends? A discussion of network (part 1).

It has long been argued that human interactions are going along the route of networked communities. That is, we each exist in a network of relationships that are not geographically confined. Ray Oldenburg says that with the network, each of … Continue reading

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January Update

With the new year well underway I’m looking to the next stage in the pioneering process. Over the last six months I’ve managed to make good connections with people and organisations in the community. I’m now a trustee of a … Continue reading

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A network vision

What is the end goal? In the first few chapters of Bill Hybels’ book Courageous Leadership, he defines vision as: “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion.” The overall vision that excites me is to see unchurched  … Continue reading

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Developing relationships

Ian Adams claims that one of the first things to do in creating pioneer and missional communities is to develop a big idea about what you want to create. I think that this stage comes later. In the beginning, there … Continue reading

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