St.Crispin Coffee Shop has closed.

Daisy Mae's interior

Just before Christmas it was announced that the coffee shop on the St Crispin’s development, Daisy Mae’s, was to close. This was a surprise to everyone as they were very popular with residents and visitors to the development. They had brought in a new manager in the summer who had seemed to turning things around. It was regularly busy at lunchtime and just after school drop-off time, and they offered outside catering for parties too.

It is a big blow to the community as at present it was the only gathering space in the community outside of people’s homes. It’s loss seems like a step backwards.

I think a couple of people are investigating whether to open up again on the same site.

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2 Responses to St.Crispin Coffee Shop has closed.

  1. Paul Tipping says:

    The cafe is now open. Under new management – please visit our facebook page for more details

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