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What can we imagine?

We need to ask not whether it is realistic, or practical, or viable, but whether it is imaginable? I’ve just got round to reading Walter Brueggemann’s book, The Prophetic Imagination after it was recommended by Jonny Baker at the Breakout … Continue reading

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Our first session of Curry and Questions

I had a great evening on Friday at the local curry house with a small group of blokes whom I got to know through Monday night football. Back in November I had asked them to come out and do me … Continue reading

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Lamenting the demise of The Great Good Place

I have been blogging my way through The Great Good Place as I read it. Having finished it, I can say that Oldenburg has given a detailed overview of the third place, the reasons for the decline of such places … Continue reading

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All grown up and nowhere to go? A discussion of network (part 2).

Last night I was at a community consultation for the development of our community centre and associated park and leisure facilities on the development. It was just the initial meeting, marking the point where the council are finally getting serious … Continue reading

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Having children means losing friends? A discussion of network (part 1).

It has long been argued that human interactions are going along the route of networked communities. That is, we each exist in a network of relationships that are not geographically confined. Ray Oldenburg says that with the network, each of … Continue reading

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