The New St Crispin’s Coffee Shop!

IMG_1218Back in January I posted that the coffee shop on St. Crispin’s had closed after two years in business. A few phone calls informed me that there was a long list of people interested in taking the premises to reopen as a cafe. At the top of the list was a business-woman who had made a success of a beauty salon just across the way. She was interested in starting a second business in the same location.

Little Pickle opened on 7th May and there are a number of improvements to the previous coffee shop. The whole store has been refurbished and finished to a high standard in rustic wood. The place is much more suited to children than it used to be, with a selection of toys and games on hand, inside and out. The cakes are from a local supplier giving them a home-made look and taste, and the tea and coffee is of the highest quality. You can follow their latest offerings and specials on the Little Pickle facebook page.

But there is more than this. The owner, Nicola wants to generate business during the low times and also wants to benefit the community. She has said that the 9am-11am slot is a bit quiet, so providing something during this time to pull people in would be ideal for her. We have been looking for a space to do something with toddlers and pre-schoolers for some time, and Nicola has been very agreeable allowing us to use her new cafe.

So, starting in September, we will be launching a drop-in craft group in Little Pickle Coffee shop on Wednesday mornings. The idea is that parents can pop in after dropping their older children at the nearby school, or simply come along and get to know other local mums and dads, and enjoy a coffee and cake whilst their children get to engage in some creative activity. Our current name for this is Sticky Fingers, but we are open to other suggestions. We’re hoping this will be beneficial to the coffee shop, as well as to Berrywood Church as we provide a much-needed group, within walking distance, for toddlers and build more relationships with local parents.

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