Christingle 2012

IMG_0781In keeping with the tradition that has grown up here in the last two years, we held our third Christingle service in the old chapel on the development (joint with Forefront church).

The question of whether we would hold it again wasn’t really a decision we had to make. Since October I have had people coming up to me asking if we were going to do it again, so it was a no-brainer. In 2011 we gave away about 85 Christingles to children, having made 100. The church was packed out with families. This year we were packed out again, giving away 125 Christingles with over 200 people there – no seats to space. The format was exactly the same, a semi-formal child-friendly service with carols, a reading, prayers, a talk and the giving and lighting of the Christingle oranges. Due to the numbers there were slight logistical difficulties in managing the flow of people around the church in distributing the Christingles – something to work on for next year.

Unfortunately I then got ill the next day with a nasty virus (over it now!), but this service was a great end to the year for us as a church! Here are some more photos!IMG_0779IMG_0782SONY DSC

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