Fresh expressions – where are we and where are we going?

I’m at the a breakout a pioneer conference.

Fresh expressions. Where are we? Are we nearly there yet? Do we need more time for this thing called mission. WHat do we do next? is there a sense that the church thinks we should be further than we are?

What do we do? Rachel Jordan says that She phones her dad in times of crisis. I guess that means we engage with god.

    Reflection on where we are from a church, diocesan and personal point of view

One denomination new to fresh expressions, pioneering is a big question mark. Don’t know what to expect.

everyone else is doing it so maybe we should have a go

Another thought their denomination is about to fall off a cliff. Pioneer stuff is an act of faith that hopefully, might turn it around.

fresh expressions have stretched the denomination to a degree. There is a feeling that some want to get back to their comfort zone.

Another denomination – we are at a critical juncture, like a bottle of champagne that has had the medal casing removed from the cork. Some want to let the good stuff out and see what happens whilst others are definitely trying to keep the stopper in, ad the alternative is scary.

One person spoke about their denominational structures. But beneath the leaders sit a level of middle management that either holds things up or doesn’t understand the strategy. At the bottom are the practitioners and lay people who a desperate for support and strategy.

There are pockets who understand and try and lead on strategy but many others who don’t. It is a picture of a scrapyard full of bandwagons, which get tried without the background work or thought, and struggle and then get scrapped.

if that doesn’t really work, what does?

There is a lack of contextual thinking.

    Where do we hope to be?

This is where we need the vision. What is our vision and do we keep coming back to it.
what are some of the visions? Many of us are not at the place of tiredness and disillusionment because we have dreams of doing things for the kingdom. Here are some of those mentioned

  • A city centre that lives to a different heartbeat.
    More church in the community and less emphasis on getting the community into church.
    A fund that releases young people to do mission on their terms.
    Creating disciples
    A church being the glue in the community.
    We build spiritual coracles – groups of people who come together to pray study and fast with the intention of going outwards.
    Helping people find what their true place is in the world and in life.
    See a sustained worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
    Church meeting needs within the community, which has led to people coming to christ.
    Seeing cities transformed through grass roots initiatives into places of safety, justice and beauty.
    See the Christian community restored and renewed in its identity into kingdom communities. So that people can answer the question “who do you say that I am?”
    To model and enable young people and youth to do community and do family together.
    A dream of a church with proud walls where young and old go in and out together and who are excited by the gospel enough to look outwards.
  • Quite inspirational. Perhaps inspire of confusion or lack of strategy at a higher level God has a plan as he is inspiring us in our visions.


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