One carpetless room

Been a bit quiet on here recently. The reason, apart from the Olympics, holidays and general other stuff, is that we have been rearranging our house. Last week a nice man from the builders came and knocked a wall down between the living room and the dining room. He then plastered the gap, sanded it smooth and repainted the whole room. He took away the carpet too, as there was a gap where the wall was. The carpet layers were supposed to come this morning to lay a new one.

We had found that both our living room and dining room got a bit squeezed with more than a few people in it. During the baby signing course last year we had seven mums and babies all looking for some floor space to use. On our first couple of monthly gatherings we squashed 12 adults into the living room. This took a lot of rearranging and there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre.

We now have (or at least will have) one large flexible space enabling us to have more people in our living room at one time. We have been a bit cramped in the past with seven or eight mums and babies turning up for a Signing class or Little Bundles group. This enables us to push the sofas back and fit more in. In addition, we can also practice the value of hospitality more easily. previously it was enough of a squeeze just to get six people around the table in the dining room (bear in mind that we are now a family of four). The large space should enable us to invite more than one couple around at a time.

Good news – just waiting for the carpet fitters.

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One Response to One carpetless room

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    Exciting! Can’t believe it’s happening already – that’s great!

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