Where next?

We have now had our third monthly gathering, in a different venue to the first two. Attendance: fourteen adults  (four unchurched adults, two to lead the children’s work, two dads stayed in with the kids). There were at least four missing due to holidays and other commitments. So it is going well. We are building up a nice little community that seem to want to get to know each other and to get to know God better. I would like to keep that momentum going, to keep relationships building and to keep the men interested. Where do we go from here?

I think there are a few things:

1. Keep going with the monthly service in the same basic structure. I have devised series of talks which takes us up to Christmas and covers many of the basic aspects of Christianity, based around questions that Jesus asked. Next year we might want to be topical on heaven, hell, salvation faith, attitude to money, etc.

2. Arrange a social event for the church family (a barbecue would be great if it ever stops raining)

3. Try and get the men together for a drink.

4. Work towards a Messy church on another Sunday, having a trial before Christmas. I need to get the core team together to discuss how to do this and, if necessary, who to partner with.

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