Some numbers

Ok, so we know that numbers aren’t the measure we use and measuring how people are engaging with God is very difficult. But numbers are nice so here are some regarding our Sunday gatherings, giving us reasons to be cheerful (in addition to the unshakable promises of Christ, of course):

Month 1: 11 adults and 7 children. two adults came to help with the childrens work. five were from our core team. Two were completely unchurched. The other two were Christians who had just moved to the are or who were trying to get back into church.

Month 2: 12 adults and 7 children. Five of the adults were different adults, and six were unchurched. (Most of the adults who came the first month but not the second had other commitments that day). In addition to the six unchurched adults we had one husband who went to help with the kids.

So, if all the adults were there at one time, we have nearly twenty, which is too many for our front room. Therefore, next month we will be moving out of our home into a new venue, as mentioned in a previous post. This will hopefully only be a temporary thing until the community centre on our development is built.

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One Response to Some numbers

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    Exciting! (though have to admitl, on first reading I thought you had written ‘five of the adults were difficult adults’…)

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