Our first session of Curry and Questions

I had a great evening on Friday at the local curry house with a small group of blokes whom I got to know through Monday night football. Back in November I had asked them to come out and do me a favour by helping me to understand their experience of and ideas about church. As we had such a fun evening that night, they were all willing to enjoy a curry and some discussion again.

We talked about work – what we thought about it and what it could be, using the resource Table Talk for Blokes by Paul Griffiths. This is essentially a box of six sets of cards, with each card having one question on it, and each set is on a different theme. As the evening progresses you simply pick a card, read the question and answer it. Some of the questions were quick and fun, such as ‘When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?’. Others were a bit more thought-provoking: ‘Would you ever take a job on less pay, and in what circumstances?’ The resource is aimed to get men talking about things that are more than surface deep and which matter in life. We had a good laugh with them, accompanied by beer and far-to-much curry. Planning on doing the second session in about a months time.

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