BabyZone at the Fireworks

Because of our vision to serve those in the community who have babies and young children, at the recent St. Crispin’s Day Fireworks, we decided to offer a place for mums to come and change or feed their babies. It also had a space for them to relax with a couple of toys. As the event was taking place on the cricket field away from baby changing facilities we thought this might be fulfilling a need.

I can’t say it was a resounding success. We had one baby changed and two babies fed.

Why didn’t it work?

  • perhaps because it was an evening event that only lasted a couple of hours.
  • our signage wasn’t excellent  – there was one sign elsewhere directing people towards baby changing, and a couple of small signs on the gazebo.
  • we were situated furthest away from anything else.
  • It was cold and perhaps people didn’t want to get their baby’s bits out.
  • Nappies these days are quite good and can hold wetness in for up to 12 hours. Assuming the babies had been changed just before coming out, the only reason you might need to change in a two-hour window might be if you had a ‘code brown’, as we call them here.

Would we do it again? Not at the evening fireworks event, no. We’ll think of something else to offer for next year. Perhaps, however, at the summer fete-style events like the Day in the Park that last all day or all afternoon, there might be a need for it. And we could offer something a little more than we did as well – more space for the babies and toddlers to play.At least we know that the gazebo works and is not too difficult to put up!

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