The church needs to have babies

A quote from George Lings, in the 50th edition of Encounters on the Edge, the booklet series looking at fresh expressions. Fresh expressions of Church are to be seen as babies, unlike traditional churches which have decades or centuries of stable, evolving, broad tradition and governance.

Such churches have long since forgotten what it was like to be born; among their members are few who will remember their church as young. These communities live continuing what they know…

I suspect our western Church is still largely captive to Christendom’s values. So our focus is too pastoral, our identity is insufficiently counter-cultural. There is too much of the clerical club and we are too content with attendance, not discipleship. The further needed change is massive. Will we dare to invest more in inventing churches we don’t yet have, less into rescuing the ones that don’t want to change, as well as what we put into improving the ones with potential? I fear we are still wedded to taking beauty treatments when we need to have babies. (highlights his)


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