Meeting new mums tomorrow

We have another baby signing group starting tomorrow. In May, we ran our first course, led by a local signing teacher, with four babies. That group fizzled out a little towards the end because of a few factors – we’d taken a holiday (booked before we’d looked at dates for the group) in the middle causing the group to be put on hold for a couple of weeks. There was also a day of teacher strikes, meaning that participants had to look after their older children, and one week where the signing teacher was ill.

All that meant that the end of the last course was a bit haphazard, but there was enough encouragement there  to warrant holding another one. Tomorrow we have seven mums coming to our house, crowding into our front room. Most of the mums live on our development. It’s going to be a bit of a squeeze as our living room isn’t massive. I had tried to book a room in a nearby hall for the sessions but they were unavailable. This way, we can keep the home-cooked welcoming feel even if space will be a bit limited!

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