Another important announcement – our new church name

A while ago I wrote about the factors we wanted to consider in picking the name of our church. We felt it was important that whatever we called ourselves had the word ‘church’ in it, so as not to be confusing as to what sort of groups we were. We also wanted to avoid the name ‘St. Crispin’s’ which might have been the obvious choice given the name of the development because there are so many other things on the development that use that name. The retirement village, the former hospital, the cricket club, the bowling club, and the social club all are called “St. Crispin’s”.

So we wanted something that would say who we were but wouldn’t be too obscure. And this is what we’ve come up with: We picked Berrywood Church as it is clear as to what it pertains – i.e. a church, and gives an indication of our location. We are based on St. Crispin’s development at the centre of which is a small woodland called Berrywood. (There are also roads nearby called Berrywood Road and Berrywood Drive and parts of the former hospital used to be called the Berrywood Asylum.)

We were debating between ourselves whether to use the word ‘Anglican’ in our name, and we decided against it, partly because it makes the name a little more cumbersome and we don’t want to discourage those from other denominations joining our core team at this early stage. We do, however, think it’s important to say that the church is Anglican, as, not only is this where the funding is coming from, but the Church of England is, I believe, most trusted among the denominations by those who don’t come to church – the demographic that we would most like to see come to ours!

Another helpful factor was that there isn’t another church in the world with the same name, so the domain name was available and a quick google search instantly brings us up on the front page.

Our Core Team is blessed by one of our members being a design and website guru. He has put a lot of work into developing the above logo (we had a few goes at it until we could all agree on one!) and he is currently working on a new website. In the meantime, I threw together this temporary website which gives us a web presence.

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