A growing development.

When I moved onto the development over a year ago, there was no current building work going on new housing. Due to recession the various companies finished what was in progress and then took a break. This mean that the huge derelict victorian asylum at the heart of the development was just getting more derelict!

Photo of building in May

In January, Taylor Wimpey transferred the hospital site over to another company who began tidying it up a bit and building a new block of apartments next to the hospital. These now have windows and a gaining a roof and,

so I hear, after the new block is complete they will begin with renovation of some of the former hospital buildings.

In May, Taylor Wimpey began building 80 more houses in another part of the development. This caused some local consternation as this part of the development was supposed to have been accessed from a different road, but the most recent planning application had access from the central spine road on the development – a road that is already very busy and quite narrow. However, Taylor Wimpey was deemed by an arbiter to ha

ve followed due process in their consultation. Although the roads need to be wider, I am quite pleased that the development is growing.

In the space of eight weeks, the first houses have gone from foundations to finished, and last weekend the show home opened. It’s a nice 5 bedroomed house with one en-suite, beautifully decorated.


The first thing we noticed though, was how small a couple of the rooms are. This is a ground floor study which was barely 6 feet square. Note the undersized desk in the room and still the room is full!


There was a similar tale in the first spare bedroom which had a small double bed in it. Maybe not a double, but a 1 1/2 sleeper!

But as I said, the rest of the house was nicely decorated. The top floor kids bedrooms were decorated with murals, one havinga theme of the Gruffalo with the bed being a Gruffalo den and Gruffalo toys around the place. My toddler didn’t want to leave this room!

I’m told that the inhabitants of this house and the two on the same street will move in before Christmas. I’ll want to be ready for when they move in to welcome them with information about the local area and maybe even with a take-away meal.

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