Another pioneer in Peterborough diocese… already making waves.

In March, another pioneer minister was appointed in the Peterborough diocese to work on the large and growing development at Oakley Vale in Corby. This development is much bigger and more established than the one I am working on, so in some senses he is moving into an area where people are already well used to living. His name is Nik Stevenson, he has a blog, and he’s already been making waves in the area.

Over the summer he was asked by a friend of his who works for a children’s charity, whether to he would be interested in participating in the GetLunch project. Many children around the country who are living close to the UK poverty line get free school meals. Often these are the only hot meals they get each day. Obviously, throughout the summer holidays these school meals stop and they may not get decent meals very often. Nik decided to offer free lunches every day throughout the school holidays for those children on the free school meals programme, and to play games afterwards. This, he thought, would be an excellent way to start getting to know the community.

He had a bit of a false start. On the first two days, no-one came, but by the end of the summer they were feeding loads of kids and even ran out of food.

Such a good news project has caught the attention of the media. Here’s Nik talking to Anglia TV, to local BBC radio, and the Times Educational Supplement (national weekly teaching newspaper) even picked it up.

Keep up the good work Nik.

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