Unexpected acquantainces

Despite waking up feeling not quite awake, yesterday turned out to be a good day.

Just before lunch I was having coffee with a new resident of our estate and member of Brixworth Christian Fellowship just catching up with what had been going on in her life and the unconnected but draining events of the past month in our lives – (in addition to this, our cat ‘went missing’ several times, our toddler had a trip to A&E, and someone crashed into our car.)

Into the coffee shop walked the project manger for the building company that converted the farm buildings into the local shops. It turned out that he and my friend knew each other. He was a very nice, down to earth man who gave us the latest on the empty retail and office units. He said that we are expecting a beauty salon in September and a small children’s book and toy shop sometime in the autumn. With the number of small children around alongside the apparent disposable income, I’m sure the toy shop will do well. The local Indian restaurant is opening soon, on 29th July, providing another meeting space on the development. There is one retail space with no interest so far, and two first floor offices, one of which has had some interest (but he couldn’t remember who from).

Whilst we were chatting and getting to know one another, three young mums with babies in portable car seats walked in and sat in the back room of the coffee shop. As i hadn’t met them before (and as we’re thinking of doing a talking point group) I went over and introduced myself. Turned out that they live in Upton, the other development, that two of them were Christians and that they already go to the Talking Point group run by the Pioneer Minister on Upton! They said they wanted to keep in touch with what we were doing.

All very encouraging!

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