Going with the flow

Since we got back from our hols, a couple of important things have happened.

First, following an advert in the local community newsletter, three people have come forward wanting to be a part of a bookgroup. Our first meeting, to get to know each other, was a week ago and we chose our first two books. First up, 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber: A county judge refuses a young couple a divorce because she feels they haven’t tried hard enough. After that we’ll get stuck into the latest offering from one of my favourite authors, Douglas Coupland’s Generation A: Set in the near future when bees are extinct, five people around the world are stung simultaneously and are instantly turned into celebrities. Should be a good read!

Second, one member of our core team has recently had a baby, and another is on the way from another member. As you may know we have a toddler and there is another toddler in our core team also. The mums on maternity leave are now keen to meet together midweek and have a bible study together. I wonder if this may turn into our first obviously Christian thing that we can invite others with young children to. That is something to discuss and pray about.

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