Waiting and praying

At our last meeting we began a study going through the book of Acts. I’m not going to blog my way through it here but the first chapter spoke to us about waiting. The disciples had seen Jesus ascend and were given instructions to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come. As they waited they spent their time praying and worshiping as well as completing their leadership team by choosing Matthias to take Judas’ place.

One of the other things that came up was discussion around what was needed on the estate. We were just about to start our first Baby Signing course (which began this morning with two families) and it was noticed once again that there was very little of this sort of thing going on in our estate – within walking distance for the mums here. Grange park and Upton call on the services of a health visitor to have the baby weighing sessions in their community. These both happen in the homes of the pioneer ministers on those developments. Previously the mums would have to travel a couple of miles to get to the nearest children’s centre to have their babies weighed.

What’s more, this morning one of the mums at the Baby Signing commented that she had to travel some distance to get their baby weighed. Is this God prompting us to start offering this service here? I feel a phone call to a health professional coming on.

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