More building happening.

I had a walk around the estate today after being away for a few days. A large sign has appeared at the entrance to the estate advertising a new development or 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes coming soon. This will be the 80 houses that recently went through planning permission but got significant opposition from residents closest by. The major issue was over road access rather than opposition to the houses themselves. A mobile sales centre has also been moved and placed on an area of open space just opposite the proposed entrance to the new bit.

Walking a bit further there were some metal piles just poking out above the white boarding on the old hospital site. You’ll remember that the hospital has been derelict for some time and the major developer didn’t seem keen on doing anything with it. At one point the gates were open so I was able to take this photo to show the state of the buildings

At the end of 2010 they transferred the hospital site over to a new owner and they  started work in January. Anyway, I couldn’t see over the large white boarding so I had to stretch my camera up over the fence to take the photo, hence the poor quality. As you can see they are well out the ground on what will be a small block of apartments.

Finally, there was a small building which, I think, used to be the hospital firehouse sitting derelict in amongst some new-build homes that have been occupied for some time. It is small so I wondered what it could be. Now privately owned so they’re using private builders, it is coming on nicely.  The house is the small building with the chimney nest to the builders van.

Apparently it’s going to be a two bedroomed house with a mezzanine. The chimney is coming down and the bedrooms will sit in the roof space. There is a new extension in the same style going up to the right of it.

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