January Update

With the new year well underway I’m looking to the next stage in the pioneering process. Over the last six months I’ve managed to make good connections with people and organisations in the community. I’m now a trustee of a local charity that is based 30 seconds walk from my house. We can also take a walk around the estate and almost always bump into someone we know.

The first six months, according to the milestones set out in my job description, was abnout connecting with people and mapping the area. The next milestone is to:

grow in engagement from 6-24 months with these networks with the view of starting appropriate mission work in the new build areas. This work would be shaped by the initial period of mapping and engagement (milestone 1)

The pioneer would be responsible for developing the vision of the work and the building of a team around that vision.

I have already mentioned one possible vision and a small team has come together who want to contribute to the work here. The next few months will hopefully be about gathering and focusing the team, discussing this vision and possible alternatives, working out what values we want to embody and demonstrate, praying for God’s guidance, and beginning mission work. We will also, of course, be discussing a name which is appropriate for our current small beginnings and also one which can be carried into the future, whatever the church will end up looking like.

More imminently, I’ve found a group of guys, most of whom are local who want to meet to play a friendly five-a-side game of football each week. This could be one node of our network. We also keep meeting people who would be interested in Christian input (even a service) for children and toddlers, so as a core leadership team, we need to get thinking and praying about that straight away. The coffee shop could be a useful venue. I have recently met a Christian in another church who does baby signing and is eager to bring it to this estate. From my perspective, this would be an easy way to meet and connect with parents of young children very quickly.

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