Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels

Just finished reading this book today and it’s full of practical advice (and written in typical fast paced readable Bill Hybels style). The first few chapters in particular are espectially strong and promote the need for a leader to have a strong vision. He even gives some practical ways in which to develop a vision if you don’t have one.

He then goes on to tackle many other aspects of leadership, such as building a team management of those who work for you, releasing their gifts and the importance of values, character and strategy. These chapters once again are fill of illustrations from Hybels’ own leadership at Willow Creek church.  Although I’m not currently in the situation of managing too many others at the moment, I see this as a book that I could dip back into in the future.

The final couple of chapters are about the leader keeping spiritually and emotionally fresh – i.e. not overworking and remaining close to God.  So many leaders start strong but, because they haven’t looked after some aspect of their lives or their family’s lives due to the work that they are doing, they burn out early or crash out badly. Hybels’ advice on staying the course until the end of your ministry comes from near blow-outs of his own.

Thoroughly recommended. Not the last work on leadership but a valuable and challenging addition to it

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