A good day.

A number of things have happened today which, in my opinion, show that God is in the detail.

This morning as we were heading out to church, I saw one of the neighbours across the road and introduced myself – a nice chap with three young children. After a three minute chat I said we were on our way to church. On hearing this, his face lit up. Fantastic, some Christians living right across the road.

We went to St. Giles Church in the centre of Northampton where we were warmly welcomed to their all-age service – very enjoyable. Whilst there we bumped into the sister of a friend and the Diocesan Missioner for Peterborough who was on my interview panel. He was very helpful and we have a good discussion. During the service, as we tried to keep our baby entertained, we enjoyed watching the mother of a 11-month old who was sitting across the aisle constantly chase after her crawling son.

After lunch (and a nap) we decided to take another walk around our estate and this time discovered a number of footpaths through the small section of woods in the centre of the estate. At the exit to one of the paths sits a church building – the former chapel to St. Crispin’s hospital. The building is a little run down with some boarded up windows and an overgrown graveyard, but I believe that a local Orthodox church meets there each week. Apparently the inside is quite beautifully painted.

Whilst investigating, the local community support officer walked past. He was an important person to meet and was able to tell us a little more about the planned development. He told us that there is a newly formed residents association for the neighbourhood.

As we returned to our house we saw a couple of mums with small children chatting outside a house. One of them just happened to be the mother of the crawling baby we met a church that morning, who just happens to live down the street. Another Christian on the same street as us! We agreed to meet up this week.

And finally, on returning home someone had pushed a leaflet through our door – a community newsletter from the parish council and the newly formed residents association!

Lots of little links on one day which show that God is in this work!

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