Challenge number one.

So we’re here and all of our possessions have arrived, we’re slowly making our way through boxes putting things in their new places.  We’ve met a couple of our neighbours who live across the road. They came to introduce themselves on the first evening.

Already there have been some things to thing about even before the work has started – how to explain what I am doing. So far, I have mostly had to explain it to Christians and I’ve generally said something about pioneer ministry, fresh expressions or new forms of church. During a conversation yesterday with the BT installation man I realised that this wouldn’t do. How do we adjust our language in order to make ourselves more understandable to the unchurched?

I have been introducing myself as a community minister, but even then it is not obvious what I will be doing – as I have no church building and no congregation, no services to lead, no weddings to perform etc. Perhaps it is best to talk simply about creating a new church, or a new form of church for the communities here, and leave jargon words like fresh expressions far behind. That way there is something recognisable that people can get their heads around a little whilst opening up thoughts of something new.

Hmm. More thought needed!

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