What’s the big idea?

Step number two of Ian Adams’ ways into small missional communities is ‘what’s the big idea?‘ He advocates being able to articulate the big idea within a 30 second elevator ride – if you bumped into someone you knew in a lift and they asked you what you were doing , what would you say in the 30 seconds you have before one of your reaches your floor. Or alternatively use Twitter or text messages have a character limit to them.

This idea is sure to change over time. As I engage with the community that I’m in and as I talk to and pray with other Christian’s the ideas will form and slowly be fleshed out. At the moment – this is before I have started work on this ministry – I could frame the big idea in terms of this:

Communities within a community – To establish a community of residents in the new-build housing and out of that, create communities based around need and interest from which to engage with God.

Admittedly, this is more that 140 characters but it sums up the gist of what I would like to do whilst plenty of space open once the realities of living there become known.

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