Beginnings of church – small communities

Jonny Baker just posted a link to a series of thoughts that Ian Adams has written about beginning new communities which have a missional focus. Step one is simply to have company – people who you can share the idea and discussion with, and meet with them:

Many of the small missional communities that I work with seem to be have flickered into life in the dreams of one or two visionary people. But there’s very good reason to seek company, even at this early stage. The project will almost certainly have greater vitality and resourcefulness if the vision is shared and shaped by a few others – perhaps even just 2 or 3 people who will be part of the project with you and who will love it and commit to it, rather than just you being the one person blazing a lone trail.

There’s good precedent for this of course – in the Gospels we see Jesus sending disciples out in 2’s, and the missionary saint Paul always seems to have worked in groups of 2 or 3 when facilitating new Christ-following communities.

So perhaps the question is ‘who is with you in this?’ And if at the moment you are alone in carrying the vision, the question is ‘who might be with you?’ Let the ever-surprising Spirit bring you together with the people who will be your visionary companions.

Step one as I begin in Northampton will be to find such people!

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