Checking out our new hometown

I’m on a little trip to check out the town I’ll be living and working on the outskirts of Northampton but today we went into the town centre. First impressions – not bad.

There’s a lovely ancient church in the centre near the Market square. Inside it smelled like incense and was quite ornate. The rest of the centre is a mixture of some pretty old buildings and some not so pretty modern ones.

There’s a smart new shopping centre with many major chains in it, but unfortunately this shopping centre seems to have sucked many of the shops into it, away from other parts of the town. There are quite a few empty stores, probably victims of the recession, and not far from the new shopping centre is a slightly older one, maybe 10ish years old. Much of the retail space in there is empty, perhaps up to half of it.

Walking through town and sitting in a coffee shop, we heard lots of other languages, some with a Slavic origin. It seems that there is a bit of immigration and ethnic diversity, which i think adds interest to a place.

Overall, I think it’ll be a nice enough place to live!

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